Palestine Marathon Team:

The Palestine Marathon staff is a small group of highly motivated professionals to maintain its daily operations, and to plan and implement its races and events.

Team members make up the beating heart of the different departments of the Palestine Marathon:

Race department:

Responsible for staging the races in all their logistical and organizational aspects, for getting AIMS and IAAF approvals and certifications, for registration and results of all races, as well as branding display management and International and local Elite athlete recruitment and communications.

Communication Department:

This department includes Communications, Marketing, local and international media relations. The department is responsible for producing corporate strategy and visual identity for the Association and all its events, as well as creating and implementing media and marketing strategies.

Events, Hospitality and Outreach Department:

This is the department in charge of all Non-Governmental Organization relations, volunteer recruitment, community outreach to schools, universities, clubs, etc... and of international contacts and programs. The department also assumes the responsibility of all non-race events for the Palestine Marathon as well as the hospitality needs of the international participants in the races.

Partnership department:

This department assumes the responsibility for setting up a sales strategy for all BMA races and events, as well as the attainment of sponsors and partners for the different races and all relationship building with those sponsors and partners.

Financial and official relations Department:

It is this department's responsibility to communicate and with governmental institutions in all matters of an official nature. The department also oversees all the financial aspects of the Association in coordination with the accounting department.

Procurement Department:

The Procurement department is responsible for all purchases of services and materials for the Palestine Marathon as well as ensuring the control over all its properties.

Accounting Department:

This is the department responsible for the daily accounting operations of the Association.