The easiest and fastest is to fly to Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv. You can also fly to Queen Alia International airport, Amman in Jordan, but you will then have to drive to the border, cross through Allenby border crossing and drive to Bethlehem.

From Jordam - Amman Queen Alia Airport to Bethlehem:

  1. Taxi/Transfer: Consider taking a taxi or arranging a private transfer directly from Amman Airport to the border (Allenby/King Hussein Bridge). Confirm the fare in advance.
  2. Bus: Take a taxi or airport shuttle to Amman's North Bus Station. From there, you can find buses heading to the border (Allenby/King Hussein Bridg).
  3. Shared Taxi: Look for shared taxis, known as "service taxis" or "sherut," that might take you from Amman the border (Allenby/King Hussein Bridg)
  4. From the border (Allenby/King Hussein Bridg) to Bethlehem:
  • Cross the border.
  • Reach Jericho by taxi or bus.
  • From Jericho, you can take a taxi or bus to Bethlehem

 From Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv to Bethlehem:

  1. Taxi: You can of course take a taxi from the airport directly to Bethlehem. Be aware that only Palestinian drivers will take you and that it will be expensive (around 400-500 shekel). Agree on the price before you start driving. You can also take a taxi from Jerusalem, but remember that taxis with Israeli plates are allowed to enter the West Bank, whereas taxis with Palestinian plates are not allowed to enter Israel. If you are coming from Amman, you can take a taxi from the Palestinian side of the border to Bethlehem.
  2. shuttle busses: The shuttle bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem (#485) is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (not on Saturday). The journey time to Jerusalem is approximately.Ask to get off at Damascus Gate, then you can take the Palestinian bus no. 21 to Bethlehem (white bus with blue stripes), which will take you through the checkpoint to Bethlehem, Palestine. The white busses stop operating around 8pm, while the shuttle busses drive all night. If you miss the white busses, take a taxi instead.

Traffic and Parking Arrangements:

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